Tuesday, January 31, 2012

traditional wedding invitations

I have a close friend getting married this summer.  She called and asked me for some help (yay!) and has several assignments for me.  On the top of her list is to find wedding stationary.  She sent me a few links to traditional wedding invitations.  That's what she wants... classic... traditional... white ...minimal embellishments.

I scouted the site, Bride & Groom,  and noticed they are having a sale of 30 - 50% off  orders in January (and 50% orders in February!)  Also, they have other bonuses like adding a free wedding photo book to stationary orders over 125 pounds (oh - did I mention this is a UK based company)! They don't just have traditional wedding invitations to offer - they have all sorts of designs and themes and types of wedding stationary.  (Fun alert - I noticed that they are offering a Dream Wedding Dress Competition - check it out here!)

These are a few of the designs that I thought exuded a classic and traditional wedding look.  Which one do you like the most?  My vote is on the first one below...it's simple and pretty...and well...classic!


  1. Personally, I like some embellishment... so #2 is my favorite. They're all pretty classy!

  2. I like the first one too and it looks like it's a typical postage size, so yay for no additional postage costs!

  3. My favorite is also the first! So simple and classic - very pretty!

  4. if the third design had rounded corners ... it would be my favorite! i like a bit of 'original' mixed with the traditional!

    a girlfriend of mine has also got me on the 'task' duty for her upcoming wedding. it's definitely not the same as your own shin-dig, but oh-so-fun still! have fun :)


  5. Mmm number one for sure, and after it number three. Yayy for marriage!!!



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