Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wednesday workout: for the short sexy dress

Big thanks to fitness expert, Cindy Sites, founder of the Figure Method and owner of Go Figure Studio.  She has graciously sent over a few great work out tips targeting specific areas that brides ask her about the most....I will be highlighting different tips each week for the next few weeks. (All information and photographs have been provided by Cindy Sites)

For the short, sexy dress:

  • TRY THIS: Ballet First Position/Plié: Whether you’re going short for your reception or hiking up your hemlines for the entire wedding, long, toned gams are a must for leg-revealing dresses! The plié is arguably the most famous ballet position for a reason: it’s a fantastic work out for the entire leg, targeting the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glute muscles.
Instructions:  With one hand holding your ballet barre or any point of balance, bring heels
together and toes apart, creating a narrow ‘V’ shape with your feet. Bend your knees, keeping
heels lifted and touching, knees spread to create a diamond shape between your heels and
your pelvis.  Lift up one inch, down one inch, never moving your seat below your knees.  
Repeat 20 times.  Break for a moment and repeat.


  1. thanks for this post! so helpful

  2. I think everyone should have a LWD as opposed to a LBD, because let's face it. white dresses are so classy!

  3. White is so flattering, love the LWD!



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