Wednesday, February 22, 2012

wednesday workout: for the mermaid dress

Big thanks to fitness expert, Cindy Sites, founder of the Figure Method and owner of Go Figure Studio.  She has graciously sent over a few great work out tips targeting specific areas that brides ask her about the most....I will be highlighting different tips each week for the next few weeks. (All information and photographs have been provided by Cindy Sites)

  • For the classic mermaid dress….
    • TRY THIS: Ballet Fold Over Position/Arabesque Penchée: Although the mermaid dress shows off your entire body, take a cue from Pippa Middleton and focus on the one part everyone will be admiring as you walk down the aisle: your rear! The penchée contracts your gluteus minimus, “that pretty little hollow” in the outer seat area, says Sites, as well as the rear of the leg, making you mermaid dress-ready in no time.
Instructions: Stand, facing your barre of point of balance, arms fully extended and holding the barre.  Leaning forward, keep one leg slightly bent and lift the other leg into a full extension behind you, lifting up one inch, down one inch, feeling a contraction in the glute.  Do ten repetitions slowly, break, and do ten more at a quicker pace.  Switch to the opposite leg and repeat.

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