Sunday, March 11, 2012

clara's first birthday

Clara was so lucky to spend her FIRST BIRTHDAY with family this year!  We piled into the car and headed out to New England to celebrate this milestone with grandparents, aunts, uncles and was great fun! 

Her cake was a masterpiece of cuteness...handmade and designed by her great aunts and grandma.  I squealed when I saw it - SO STINKING CUTE!!! 

You may notice that I am not ever an arms length away from her in any picture...that's how it was all weekend.  Right now, while she let's me, I will be glued to her whenever possible.  

Clara loved having people sing to her!  She also loved scooping up the green frosting with her fingers.   People cheered when she did's so funny and cute!  But boy is she in for a rude awakening the next time she is around a cake and gets scolded for sticking her little fingers into it!

Clara got a couple new toys, a couple new outfits, a couple new books, a pink princess piggy bank, special bath towels, a pretty sunbonnet and a few other lovely treats!   My favorite part of the whole day was when she opened the toy car and truck from Tommy and I and she was immediately smitten - she started "Vroom vroooming" all over the place!  (Sounds effects and all - totally entertaining!)

*There were things I wanted to do for her birthday - but I wasn't able to.  I wanted to make a little compilation video of some of the videos of her first year - like swinging for the first time...eating her first solid food, meeting the ocean, picking apples, know...sentimental cute baby stuff.  Didn't do it.  Oh well.  At least I got to spend every waking moment with her this weekend and it was more than fantastic!

we had no idea that she is such a "car girl" - but seriously she won't put these things down!!

someday she will get a puppy for a birthday...she looooves dogs...and this one, Olive, just loooooved her!


  1. Happy Birthday Clara! Has she been walking yet? I wasn't sure if I missed that update.

  2. The cake is adorable but Clara is the cutest! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. What a wonderful celebration! I'm pleased that you could all spend it with family and that YOU were able to be there.


  4. Aw! Looks like the best first birthday ever! Happy Birthday little miss Clara!!!

  5. Yay! How fun... such a cute cake.

  6. oh my gosh, seriously 1 year has passed by already? she's adorable in her dress. everytime i feel anti-pink, i look at clara in her sweet little girl clothes and love it.



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