Tuesday, March 13, 2012

clara's first cake...an adventure in sprinkles

The week before Clara's first birthday we had her pictures taken by a professional (Amanda Bills, she is wonderful!)  I really wanted to capture her CUTENESS at this stage in her life...on this teetering line between baby and child.

To celebrate her [upcoming] birthday - I wanted to treat my little sweet to dessert...for the first time.  I looooove pictures of little ones eating their first cake...my Pinterest is full of them!  Clara doesn't eat cookies or candies or cake...(read: she has a cruel mother who doesn't want to give her sweets!) and up to this point had only had a couple tastes of her daddy's ice-cream once - something I have yet to write about...but need to one of these days. 

 I was thoroughly excited about this!  I thought about what TYPE of cake her FIRST cake should be - what flavor icing?  Handmade?  Bakery?  Candles?  No candles?  Decoration?  Cake topper?   Hahaha...silly me getting caught up in details that don't really matter.  *Sigh*  I bought a small white cake with buttercream frosting from our local bakery and decorated it with bazillions of colorful sprinkles.

Needless to say...she enjoyed it immensely.  And we had a blast watching her eat it so daintily.

Ummm...and I ate the rest of it when we got home. 




  1. Too cute! Happy birthday to Clara and to you :)

  2. omg, such sweet, sweet pics. sigh, they grow so fast.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen anything this cute!!

    We've been naughty... We were out at dinner a few weeks ago and let Barnaby try ice cream. And apple tart. He liked it a little too much - his father's son!

  4. Cutest one-year-old picture ever!

  5. So adorable? How did she react to all of that sugar? Bouncing off the walls?

  6. We were the same way w/ our first. She didn't have any sweets before her 1st birthday.

    With our second one? Different story. ;) She ate cookies and dark chocolate and ice cream right alongside her big sis.

    Happy Birthday, Clara!




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