Monday, May 14, 2012


I was oncall this past weekend.  Out came the sun enticing the motorcycles, convertibles to take to the streets, and inspired home improvement projects that kept me in the ER half the weekend, and in the operating room the other half of the weekend.  Things happen in the blink of an normal people...changing everything.  Not just falling off of ladders or lawn mower injuries, but major traumas where people die. 

A friend of mine lost her husband last week.  They thought he had kidney stones.  Turns out it was leukemia.  He died within four days.  We are all reeling.  And then I read this essay at A CUP OF JO that made me sad's about a young mother who gets pancreatic cancer and knows she only has months to live.  And in reading that, I instantly think of Clara...and if I die...and all of those horrific unforeseeable, intangible scenarios and I'm left tear streaked and stressed out.  Then I think about my  parents and how I never want them to grow old and die....because really how can happiness go on without them?  And I make pacts with God about Tommy's health and Clara's safety. 

It's been a heavy weekend.  It's all so precious...these beautiful small lives of ours.  And so painfully fleeting. 


  1. Your job must give you perspective every single day. Truly a reminder to live in the moment--and choose joy.

  2. I've made Josh make all sorts of promises... like, if Peyton and I both die in a car accident we have to be buried together. Being a mom and seeing all sorts of things makes you think about all of it... makes life even more valuable! We are blessed!



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