Monday, May 7, 2012

if I had an anthro wedding

Whoa - was cleaning out my blog files and found THIS post that actually never got posted.  It was composed on 2/23/11 - well over a year ago - and yet I still think these selections are beautiful.  Figured I may as well share it now....what the heck?

I told my friend Linda that I wasn't going to post about the gorgeous new bridal line from Anthropologie:  BHLDN....because everyone else is posting about it.  But...during a little study break this weekend I moseyed over to the site and decided to indulge myself in a little fantasy where, "if I had an BHLDN wedding, this is what I would desire."

So these are my picks...because fantasies are fun too...

the dress - I am such a sucker for eyelet...nothing is so sweet in my eyes.
BUT - I think this dress is to die for...and if a swanky city wedding was my style it would be my dream dress.

subtle bling in all the right places - and totally wearable one zillion times ($200 - wowza for flip flops though!)

this wispy lil bolero

oooolala - a botanical garden headband (probably wouldn't really wear one in real life...BUT I would in my fantasy world.)

 I love bold bracelets...maybe it's because I never get to wear any...this one is rad.

  pretty little sparkly things

seed pretty with that dress

That was pleasant.

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