Wednesday, May 9, 2012

wedding gifts

Wedding presents ended up being suuuuper fun to get :-)  The first couple we opened, I remember feeling so awkward about  - you know, rough economy, and our friends and fam spending their hard earned cash to buy us treats?  I got over it pretty quick - because it was a riot!

We had plates to eat from!  Glasses to drink from!  Cookie sheets!  Bath towels!  And we were even able to purchase a kitchen table with the money we were given.  (Which was a good thing because we didn't have any furniture!  We didn't have anything actually.) 

We also were given plenty of items that weren't on our registry - some fun serving pieces, and a brilliant green vase!  Yet, we also received a couple of straight up bizarre things...items that made us give each other quizzical looks of "what the hell???"  Did you experience that too?  Some of those things make me smile now.   Every time I use an item in our home that was a wedding gift, I actually think of the person that gave it to us...I remember who gave us what...I really do.  Our spatulas?  Yep, I remember who gave us that.  Our Santoku knife?  Yep, her too.  Our glass pitcher?  Uh huh! 

A friend of mine is getting married soon.  I was browsing their registry.  Not one item is under $150.  Not one.  (To be fair, this friend is from a pretty well to do family...and is marrying someone who is even more well to it's not actually a shock that their registry is full of "good stuff.") are tough.  I wish I had an extra $150 dollars to spend on each of the 6 couples we know getting married this summer!  That would be sooo fantastic!  Except...I don't. 

I should mention that we put a couple of WISHES on our registry too - a couple things that cost more than $ pots and pan and knives...but the majority of our items were around $20.  Our wedding was a destination wedding - most of our guests had to fly in and stay in hotels.  So, really, our guests WERE our gift at the wedding!  Their presence was the best present.  


  1. After 34 1/2 years I STILL think about the people that gave us the wedding gifts that we still use. And yes, there were a few oddball gifts and the decision of what to do with them was a challenge.

    I am a sentimental person and come from a family who only exchanged a Christmas gift if it was the wrong size. Every gift is a kind gesture, but the oddball gifts haunted me to the extent where we gathered them up and took them to a pawn shop and bought one thing we loved to be our gift from the oddball givers.

  2. 6 x $150 = $900. Wowsa. That doesn't even count travel and misc. expenses just to attend.

  3. We had 100 guests at our wedding and only rcvd 1 item from our registry. An $8 glass. Everything else were items we didn't need or want. We spent so much time attempting to guess where items came from so we could return/exchange. We registered for high and low priced items as we needed everything. We registered at all kinds of places to cover stores in every town people were from; Dillards, Macys, Walmart, Target, Kmart, Belks, etc. So many of our wedding gifts were so bad they went to Goodwill. The worst was a snowman lawn ornament. We don't decorate for Xmas and didn't have a Xmas wedding. We wondered why the heck anyone would give that for a wedding! We ended up spending our money on the things we needed and scratching our head as to what people thought the registry was for. I have since heard from many people who think registries are tacky and think it means people are asking for gifts. I always give items off of a registry because I know it is what they want and will like/appreciate.

  4. I agree, that's a nice wedding gift idea. Cheers!



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