Thursday, August 23, 2012

the babyfood bomber?

Arizona bound!  FINALLY! 

I don't think I ever even mentioned that we did indeed end up getting flights to Arizona to attend my cousins wedding, after our initial flights were cancelled thanks to shady weather! 

It was a frazzled flight out to Arizona...Clara was a doll...but we ran into one TSA jerkface who attempted to confiscate ALL OF OUR BABYFOOD.  I thought the rule was 4oz and under...but I stand corrected...UNDER 4 oz only.  I brought sealed babyfoods in little 4 oz pouches.  I made somewhat of a mad crazy need to feed her at least three meals during this insanely long day of travel...and snacks!  and during plane assent and descent!  and any time she starts to freak or cry I'd like to shove one in her mouth to keep the peace on the plane!  I wanted to scream at the lady, "what the hell do you want me to feed my baby if you take all of our food you crazy b****!"  But I didn't.  Though I probably said it with my eyes.   


They ended up taking half of our sealed babyfood pouches as they thought it was too much.  OK.  So TSA got to decide the quantity we were to feed Clara that day...  I was livid.  LIVID.  And felt so hopeless.  At the small airport we were at, there wasn't even a single item at their food stand I could feed fresh yogurt...nothing but pastries and bagels and coffee.  Anyway.  The rest of the day was fine...we go to Arizona...we made due with what I packed (apple slices, bananas, teething biscuits, peanut butter sandwiches for Tommy and me that we shared with Clara.)

goofy grandpa!

The TSA security people in Phoenix were much more friendly and understanding on our flight back to New York.  They tested our babyfood...but they didn't take it away.  I wanted to kiss them!  I have to note that Clara slept for 2 hours on one of the plane was bliss...she was nestled so peacefully in my arms...I just soaked it up.  Best flight ever.

And Arizona?  It was perfection.  Flagstaff....*sigh* is Heaven on Earth.  The family was so fun to see.  Clara got lots of kisses from her grandparents!  Tommy and I drove up to our wedding site...basically our favorite Flagstaff destination.  Had some of our fave local fare...doesn't get better than a Mike & Rhonda's breakfast.


I will share some fun wedding tidbits later...with pics!



    Print this out with you for travel. You are allowed to bring an unnamed amount of baby food aboard. I would have freaked out.

  2. this is what the tsa rules say: In September 2006, TSA enacted rules for carrying liquids, gels and aerosols in carry-on bags. All liquids, gels and aerosols must be in 3.4 ounce (100ml) or smaller containers, and packed in a one quart, zip-top bag. Each passenger can take one zip-top bag in their carry-on. Larger quantities of liquids may be packed in checked bags.

    Medically necessary liquids and gels, including medications, baby formula and food, breast milk, and juice are exempt from the 3-1-1 rules, and are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding 3.4 ounces (100ml). They are not required to be in a zip-top bag. Officers may ask travelers to open these items to conduct additional screening and passengers should declare them for inspection at the checkpoint.

    Please be advised that passengers going on long trips should only carry on the medically necessary liquids and gels needed for their infant/toddler’s immediate comfort during the flight. Please pack larger amounts of liquids for the remainder of the trip in a checked bag.

    Lastly, avoid any additional hassles by making sure nothing you plan to pack is on TSA’s list of prohibited items. Learn more on the Prohibited Items page.

    "baby formula & baby food are exempt from the 3-1-1 policy." they were absolutely wrong, there is not an amount specified other than you should carry only what you will need for that trip. i agree with the Meghan. Maybe if you print out the rules it will help next time?

    I'm so bummed for you. I've never had a problem & we've flown many, many times. We've had our milk & baby food tested, but that's it. Thanks for sharing this. My friend travels all the time & I'm going to have her print the guidelines out when she travels so she doesn't have this problem.

  3. a similar post i read a while ago:

  4. This is the reason I don't fly anymore. And I won't until this insanity stops.

    I hope to God you write a letter to someone in charge.

  5. Aw, how fun! Other than the terrible TSA experience, I'm so glad you got to go back to AZ and visited the Snow Bowl. I'm still waiting for a date to Foxboro someday. :) Can't wait to find out if Clara's getting a brother or sister!

  6. I learned the hard way to never take anything sealed. With Fin's dairy allergy, we have the hardest time finding him stuff at airports. TSA has usually been a pain about his "milk" because I bring so much, until I explain that it's almond milk and we can't find it at the airport. I stopped bringing the single-serves, as they have to be opened, which would mean crazy spillage. Glad to hear the flight back was smoother.



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