Saturday, November 10, 2012

all is calm + our fall family pictures!

Hard to believe that autumn is whizzing right by.  My husband and I are FINALLY enjoying a weekend to ourselves...where we are both entertaining....just relaxing and catching up (ummm...and cleaning up).  Believe it or not, the last weekend we had like this was back in August.  Time flies.

To update you all on the hurricane situation - we ended up being fine.  My hero of a husband drove straight through the night from Rhode Island to be home with us when it was suppose to really hit.  I managed to prepare for the worst by stocking the house with loads of provisions that would keep us comfortable for a couple of weeks if we lost water and power again.  And then - fortunately for us - the storm didn't destroy our area like the predictions alluded to.  Nothing like the devastation seen in areas of New Jersey or NYC.  We were lucky, and humbled by the whole thing.  Mother nature is a powerful force.


We had these pictures taken a few days before Sandy hit the northeast.  Upstate New York is just so stunning in the fall.  I'm glad we snapped them when we did...there isn't a single leaf left on a tree in town. It looks like winter...low grey skies, bare trees, and frost on the windows. I shiver just looking out the window.  And am thinking about decorating for Christmas any minute now.  (I know, I know.)

I love having our family picture taken...especially with Clara so little...we will look so different in a few short years and capturing these precious moments is important to me.   It's hard to imagine that the next time we have our family picture taken there will be another one in it - our little baby boy!  I'm six months pregnant in these shots...that belly is just bursting now!

Our pictures were taken by the ever so talented, Amanda Bills.

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  1. You look so healthy and glowing. So happy for you all. And I'm jealous of Clara's coat!



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