Friday, November 16, 2012

baby crib drama

Our sweet sweet child evolves into a demon come nightfall.  Well.  Not exactly.  But she has started to HATE her crib.  Just a few short weeks ago she would go to bed in her crib without so much as a it is a constant battle.  In fact...she has taken matters into her own teeny tiny hands and crawls OUT of the crib, landing with a painful thud on our tile floor (we have since padded the area with pillows mind you.)

So what is a parent to do?  For weeks we would sit up with her (it started when she was sick and couldn't breath without being in an upright position...despite cool air humdifiers and menthol air filters).  Then it transitioned to bringing her sick little body to bed with us (which is actually quite sweet to have her curl her little body up to mine!) except our bed is too small for that and it's seriously a restless sleep for Tommy and I.

After the crib jumping incident last week we converted the crib to a toddler bed (and basically did major reconstructive surgery on that crib since many of the screws were missing in order to convert the damn thing.) I wasn't excited about our 20 month old being in a bed that she can climb in and out of.  Too much autonomy for a baby!!  But at least she couldn't be flinging herself 4 feet out of a crib. 

Well...the toddler bed idea sucked. 

So we made it back into a crib yesterday.  And in so doing, recreated the original nightmare.  A screaming baby who refuses to go to bed, until we read to her for a hundred hours until she passes out...but then wakes up at 2 am and screams some more because she is in her crib.  Oy vey.

Other than that - she is still our divine little angel.

Tips?  Ideas?


  1. What if you moved her crib into your room? Maybe she wants company?

  2. It's until getting used I think. I don't know much about babies but I wish you well in everything.

  3. My co-worker says they make mesh tents that have a zipper opening that secure to the top rail of a crib. Probably a better solution than pink barbed-wire.

  4. my youngest brother had the same issue. my parents solved it by taking away his crib and giving him a mattress on the floor (Montessori style), but that does involve babyproofing the whole bedroom and closing the door and doesn't solve her having too much autonomy

  5. I'm agree with them ,But I think the best solution was is to make your baby sleep beside you just they maybe he wants your company. Most of the asian parents will sleep beside their babies,



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