Monday, December 3, 2012

31 years 30 weeks

Yesterday was my 31st birthday.

I used to looooove birthdays.  And would celebrate them all week long!  Now, however, it kind of came and went and though we celebrated with fun foods and outings and presents (yay!) it was a single day of celebration and now it is over and I'm 31.  I spent the night before refusing to fall asleep...trying to savor those last few moments of 30.  I'm such a freaking weirdo. 

OH - and now I'm 30 weeks pregnant...which means our little boy will be here in around 10 weeks - that seems like no time flat.  Wow.  Two kiddos under two!  We are excited for him to be here...but I'm nervous for the unknown...and I am already starting to miss my one on one time with Clara.  I wonder what it will be like to have to nurse and care for this small baby, with  my 2 year old nearby in need of a dance partner or a story reader...  that's my job too.  Maybe we spaced them too close?  Maybe I just have jitters.  I'll figure it out.


  1. Your spacing is perfect. As a resident, you just have more on your plate than most people.

    I bet going into practice is going to be a piece of cake compared to these last couple of years!

  2. Hope everything will be ok with your pregnancy

  3. blanket stuffed under her head as a pillow...too cute. those little people just crack me up. so much self determination. 30 weeks pregnant already?! you look gorgeous, I'm so jealous... I miss pregnancy. How is it the second time around? Have you guys moved yet?



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