Monday, January 28, 2013

snow days with a 22 month old

i looove this picture of her looking at the falling snow

It's been FRIGID in upstate New York.  I remember when I first moved here and the allure of the snow was such a novelty.  I was enthralled with the sparkly white landscape!  It was so charming and beautiful...and different from what I was used to.  Now I am over it.  I hate getting all bundled up...having to wear snowboots to avoid freezing my toes off...and wearing winter hats (I HATE wearing winter hats...they screw my hair up so bad for the whole day that I usually just skip the hat and deal with the frozen blue ears.)

But what is worse than being cold?  Having a baby that is cold...and can't quite communicate her comfort level.  We layer her up like whoa everyday....make her wear warm hats that cover her ears (and she hates them and says, "I can't see!" so I'm guessing the peripheral vision that gets altered bugs her)...and I try so hard to keep mittens on her little fingers (but she is a thumb she pulls them I've taken to cutting off the thumb portion.)

Despite the clothing that she finds cumbersome, she never complains once we are outside.  Never. She begs to go play outside everyday.  It's kinda sad.  Since it gets dark at around 5pm, we rarely play outside during the week.  So we put her in her snowsuit every weekend and forge out into the blustery climate so she can get fresh air, swing at the park, go down the slide, eat the snow, build a snowman...and enjoy nature.  (All the while I'm cussing under my frozen breath with every gust of wind.)  She smiles and laughs and EATS SO MUCH SNOW and cries real tears when we go back inside..she just loooves being out doors.

I guess my child is acclimated to the winter her Daddy (who is a ski fiend)....and not at all like me with my desert rat blood. 

She is pretty stinkin' cute in her snow suit though.

I built that snowman.  First one I ever made!  (Clara wasn't all that impressed to be honest..haha)

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  1. I used to love snow. (ok, I still get giddy when the snow starts falling outside) But after 3 years of fellowship in Syracuse, I got over it too. If I never have to shovel out my car again, I'll be pretty happy. And I"m right there with yuou with the hat thing. I love my snow in the mountains, where I can drive away from it when I"m done playing



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