Wednesday, May 29, 2013

life rocks

me and jack (I'm in scrubs in 90% of the pictures with my children...ha!)

So as soon as I was done with my surgical boards last Tuesday, I started studying for my medical boards that are slated for next Friday.  And next Friday night is the residency graduation ceremony.  Big many ways.  It's hard to believe that residency is just about over (I actually have to stay a couple months past graduation because I had my babies and I have to make up the time I used to be home with them...but I will still "graduate" next Friday.)  Three years have never flow by so fast.  I feel like my first day was yesterday....when I was trembling in my Danskos...nervous if school prepared me for taking care of people...and then realizing the whole journey is part of that preparation.

This past Thursday we had our Podiatry graduation dinner, with our attendings and co-residents, and our SPOUSES.  It was so nice to spend one last evening all in one group together.  And it was so amazing to have Tommy by my side at that dinner.  Our spouses sacrifice so much for our success in this field.  I'm not sure that any of us realized what would be given up in order to pursue this career that we chose...and I'm not sure that all of us would have chosen it again - and I'm certain that most of our spouses would not have chosen it for us again.  Despite all of the challenges and frustrations of residency, tt's amazing how much we have grown and learned together.  Not to mention all of the LIFE that we experienced in our personal lives...there were engagements, marriages and houses....more babies...and lots of dreams coming true. 

I'm waxing nostalgic right now, but what I need to do is to keep hitting the books hard until next Friday.  And then I'm not going to crack a book for a while (I promised my husband.)

Speaking of my husband...tomorrow is our three year anniversary!  Three years.  Three years and two kids!  We've been busy.  He is my stud muffin and I adore him more deeply than ever (which I didn't think was possible...but it is.)  I type this through misty eyes when I say that my husbands love and unfaltering support keeps me standing tall.  He is the epitome of wonderful.   While I study in the evening, he is SuperDad...and my kids are the luckiest.  Jack and Clara continue to be the sunshine in our home.  And the moonglow.  And the stars that twinkle.  


  1. Such a wonderful post, Jes. Congratulations to you for all you have achieved in three years. As I have said, you don't do things the easy way...but there can be great reward in taking the tougher road.

    Happy graduation, happy anniversary, happy family, happy life!

  2. Yay! Such awesome news, I'm so excited for you to be done with this stage and move forward into a steady pace of loving, giving, and being happy. I can't believe it's been 3 years already. Happy anniversary you beautiful lady! xo

  3. wahooooooooo! the finish line! have i told you I think you are secretly super woman?



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