Wednesday, June 12, 2013

theLAshop (father's day sale!)

With two kids now, I'm snapping pictures CONSTANTLY.  Well...I'm running around constantly, I'm actually snapping pictures whenever I can.  Tommy and I have talked about getting some photography gear so we can attempt to take even better pictures of the kiddos.  We talked about getting a couple new fancy lens', a tripod, and maybe even a background stand.

Low and behold, we found theLAshop...a fantastic online shop full of quirky, hard to find, and one of kind items...from professional grade cotton candy machines, flagpoles, spa supplies and lots of hobby equipment including photography goods (and random items like tattoo instruments, garden tents, and auto parts!) 

We ordered a background stand!  And I'm oh so tempted to get a cotton candy machine too.  Doesn't that sound like the perfect addition to birthday parties?  And they sell shade sails, which sounds like the perfect thing for shading our pool (and I didn't even know such a thing existed!)

 Hurry over there right now, where there is a big sale going on celebrating DAD!! (use the code: ilovedad at checkout!)

a shade sail - genius!!


  1. Wait. I'm confused. What pool? Have you already moved back to Arizona? I thought you had to stay in New York a couple of months.


    1. Sorry for the confusion my dear!! Here's the scoop...we are moving to Arizona, but will be living with family until we find a more permanent place to call our own! And these weeks flew by so fast...we leave for Arizona in two weeks!! Holy cow!

  2. I wish I had seen this sooner :( I forgot to check my feed =/ For the next Father's day for sure :) Thanks for posting!



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