Friday, July 12, 2013

I survived residency + goodbyes

I just finished my last two surgical cases as a resident.  Wow.  That's pretty amazing...and kindof unbelievable.  It literally feels like I just moved here...and in one hour I offically move away.  I wanted to jot down these I will never again be on this side of it I sit here in the hospital library, 15 minutes before my check out papers are signed by the powers that be.

Residency was hard.  Some days were grueling.  Some days I HATED this profession.  Some days I hated lots of things...coworkers...patients...supervisors... insurance companies (I will probably always hate insurance companies).  There were days where I felt like the world was against me...out to get me...out to serve my head on a silver platter.  And those days weren't fun.  It was hard to times it would be hard to smile.  But at the end of those days...when I would go home...and my little girl would run to me with her huge gorgeous smile I would forget my sour day.

Medicine is not an easy field...there are a billion variables...and many of those variables are constantly shifting.  I'm delighted to be involved in healthcare and I feel so fortunate that I had this's definetely made a better person.    A truly phenomenal opportunity this whole adventure was.   My co-workers were the best part.  The people that I worked with friends.  Only WE knew what the other was going through...that's a special bond that will keep us connected.  I already miss these people...really really miss them.

I'm still not entirely sure if I would chosen this path again...but I am so very excited for our future and my practice in Arizona. Thank you for being there along the way. 

I think today will be my last entry in this space.  I have so delighted in having a little virtual world where I could share my thoughts and experiences...and getting to know so many of you has been such a blessing.  SUCH a blessing.  What started out as a place to store my wedding ideas, morphed into a place where my LIFE was shared...our engagement, our lovely little wedding,the births of our two precious babies...the challenges of residency...the balancing act of it all.  It's been one learning experience after another.  It will never end.  Our book is big and my next chapter begins now.


  1. Damnit you're making me emotional. I'll miss seeing your new words hit this space, but I'm so excited for you guys and what's to come. Now to slow down a bit and enjoy the fruits of your labor(s). ;)

    Soak every minute up during this glorious time!

  2. While I'll miss checking in with your here, I completely understand your choice to stop blogging. Even with residency completed, you will have a great deal on your plate. Running a private practice will be a huge undertaking. You know that I wish you success and happiness in all you do.

  3. I'll miss your writing, but understand why you're ending it now.

    Hope you can take time to breathe before beginning your new practice. It will get easier, because nothing is harder than residency!

    I can't believe how much has happened to you since the beginning of this blog!!! Not just your marriage and residency, but you have brought two new people into the world! I'm wishing for an amazing life for you and your little family. Your children have wonderful parents, so they are already blessed.

    Most people could never have accomplished all that you've done, so feel PROUD of yourself. GOOD LUCK!

  4. wow ... i feel like we are breaking up! *sad face* i, as well, will miss being able to check in on this blogging buddy that i have made, but am over-the-moon excited for these next chapters to unfold. i am confident the next steps you are about to take will be just as full, fun, and blessed as what you have shared here. i wish you ALL the best.

    if you ever decide to blog again (or come to Calgary, Canada!), let me know!

    lots of love, sarah nadine xo

  5. I will miss reading you. My heart got a little tight as I read the last paragraph. I had to read it again to make sure I understood you clearly!

    Good luck in your next steps. Enjoy all of it!!


  6. I started reading your blog when we were both getting married... way back in 2009! It seemed that we had similar interests & aesthetics for our respective weddings, and I learned a lot as I followed your journey.

    I stopped blogging after my wedding, but every once in awhile I check back on my bloggy friends from back in the day. I've been thrilled to see pictures of your two adorable children, and to watch your progress with med school and residency. Wishing you all the best in the move and your journey ahead! It was fun to share a bit of your story over these past few years.

  7. Awwww <3 Congratulations and best of luck with everything. We'll miss you!

  8. Just now seeing this, I really hate to see you go. I have really loved reading your life & experiences.
    I hope that you can blog again someday about family stuff. Wishing you the best, congrats

  9. Oh, I miss checking in to see how your little family is doing. I hope all is great!



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