Wednesday, May 2, 2012

play kitchen quest

I've been browsing for a sweet little play kitchen for Clara.  I'd love to give her one for Christmas...or her 2nd birthday.  (Ummm...yes she just turned technically I have a year to actually find one...some might think this is a tad early....but whatever.  I like to explore.)

I was at Toys R Us this weekend.  Their collection of play kitchens was rather extensive...but they were all plastic...not exactly what I envisioned.  I want something super sturdy...and well aesthetically appealing...preferably wooden?  And husband and I cannot make it has been suggested to me in the past.  We don't even own tools...or have a "work space" available to us...ugh...someday.)

I'll start tracking my favorites.  I found a now defunct Etsy shop, BlueEyedYonder, that sold the CUTEST little kitchens.  But I'm so bummed they are no longer in business!!  Do you know of any crafters that offer a similar product?


  1. Have you seen the conversion of a tv stand to a play kitchen on pinterest? It looks pretty simple and I would think the tv stand could be picked up either at a local thrift store or yard sale. . . maybe even the side of the road. It doesn't seem to take much more than some creativity and paint. Maybe a screwdriver or two.

  2. Ikea makes kitchen out of wood Young House Love used this as the model for the kitchen they built for their daughter

  3. Oh my, they are amazing! Will have to be tracking one down like that for Josephine in a few years, that's for sure! Hope you're all well lovely lady xxx

  4. I've been browsing craigslist in hopes of finding a wooden kitchen! No luck yet.

    I also have my eye on this one (available on amazon):



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