Saturday, March 14, 2009

inspiration board: green and brown

via finestationary on flikr

Green just happens to be My Guy's favorite color...and my third favorite color (behind yellow and gray). It's the color of the leaves on the trees, the grass underfoot, and the stems of wildflowers. It's a harmonious color in every hue, and clearly a nice choice for a forest wedding.

That is, until I told my sister that I was thinking about green and brown for our wedding colors. Talk about shit hitting the fan. Apparently, those are her colors for her future wedding (and no, she is not engaged...and no, she doesn't have a boyfriend). But yes, she would be beyond pissed if I used those colors.

Is this typical? Is there a rule book that if someone close to you uses one set of colors for their wedding, are those colors then off limits for yours? I've actually heard of this type of thing (and I've heard of similar dealings with baby names??) The world has gone nuts over weddings.

So...onto plan B...

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