Saturday, March 14, 2009

let them eat cake

this pretty cake photo via tm photography and Tying The Knot

An odd fact about me that most people would never even guess is that I was once a professional wedding cake decorator and ran my own business. I loved it, and I was really good at it. I will have to load some pictures someday...especially the one's that won awards (not to toot my own horn - but toot toot!)

This causes me to ponder. More and more I think decorated wedding cakes tend to look tacky - not to say that the bride shouldn't love and adore every basketweave stroke, buttercream rose or fondant aftertaste. My taste in cake styles is VERY simplistic now. And because of my history with decorating them, I'm ridiculously picky. It's absurd. I wish I didn't judge every wedding cake I see. I wish I didn't notice when the fondant has a bubble or wrinkle, or when the top isn't perfectly level, or if the buttercream isn't smoothed correctly. I wish I saw each cake for what it is - a cake! For crying out loud - you would think that the cake is literally the focal point of the wedding if you flip through bridal magazines these days.

My Guy and I haven't even decided if we will be having a traditional wedding cake at all! But I ran across these and had to share because I found them worthy of a little attention.

I kinda like these (which were all found at Project Wedding):
I like this, it's simple and not over the top.

I really like the texture of this one, it feels like a nest, which would be a great cake idea for an outdoorsy mountain wedding (don't so much know about the flowers on top though)

This is very similar to the one just above it, it's very nest like...I like it (but ummmm...yes...without the sparkly dragonfly or whatever is sticking out from the front of it)

I know I know, this is one quirky cake - but honestly - if I were a cake, I would probably look like this (the birds wouldn't be red...but other than that...yea...)

The texture on this one is fantastic! And there is no way for me to fixate (or even notice) any imperfections in the artistic creation. However, not a big fan of the people standing on the top. Not a huge fan of any cake toppers yet.

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