Wednesday, March 25, 2009

real life: an 1892 wedding portrait

Meet my great-great grandparents, Albert and Anna. These family farmers emigrated from Czechoslovakia and settled in the Dakota Territory in the late 1800's where they met, fell in love, and started a life (and a farm!) together.

I look at this photo and so many questions fill my mind - who were these people? What did they do for fun? What was it like to emigrate from a different country? What were their families like? What were Anna's duties? What did their home look like? And about a gazillion more....the questions could just go on and on.

There are no remaining stories of their lives, nothing of note to explain their existence. No journals, letters, or documents remain. Nothing, except this single photo commemorating their wedding.

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  1. hi!
    i just found out about your blog today and i got hooked already. :) this photo is so old. i wonder what year it was taken. i have old photos at home too. i think some are from the 1800s. :)



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