Monday, March 16, 2009

real life: a 1914 wedding

Meet Jessie and Albert, my great-grandparents, who wed in North Dakota in 1914. Family history tells us that Albert was absolutely head over heels for the shy, and softspoken, neighbor girl Jessie. Both families were vigilant farmers and spoke only Czechoslovakian until they were adults.

I love that in this picture Jessie has the hint of a smile (I can't imagine posing for several minutes without moving for a picture to be taken!)

But mostly, I love her head piece of large roses!

Their wedding party included the brothers and sisters of the couple. The different layers of lace on the two female attendant's dresses is such an enchanting detail. Isn't it interesting how they held their bouquets with the blooms facing down?

I ADORE this picture. Adore it. I will frame this and hang it on my "love wall" someday.

Oh yes, I will have a love wall.

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