Sunday, March 15, 2009

real life: a heartfelt handmade celebration

Check out their budget/story summary here.

Most of you are probably readers of 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding because it's fabulous and amazing and inspiring. Sara and Matt are those ridiculously cool folks that you would definitely want to be best friends with if you had the chance - they just seem rad. The gist of their site is simple: they chronicled their creative journey of planning a harmonious mountain wedding in Colorado with a humble budget of 2 grand. It's a must read.

When I first came across it I felt like jumping for joy. Finally! People my age do get it! It's not all about puffy princess dresses, designer cakes, and diamond rings! It's about people! Commitment! Love!

Their wedding was a reflection of who they really are - they put on no show, there was no facade, they weren't trying to be anything but who they are. It was their wedding. And it was spectacular.

I LOVE details like this...she hand embroidered their love story into her wedding dress...makes it so much more meaningful to have that human emotion involved in fine details like this.

This idea is fantastic as well - they had a tree planting ceremony - read about it here.

Yes - they are that cool couple that busts out with fun choreography. Learn their dance here.

Everything that was involved in this wedding celebration was hand crafted - from the guacamole, the programs, the flowers, the invitations and these ridiculously cool favors.

These two have phenomenal advice about everything" Vows, Eco-friendliness, Ceremony details, one hell of a DIY section and a gazillion more fascinating reads.

It's my favorite site - can you tell??

I like this section: The Purpose of Weddings

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