Sunday, March 22, 2009

wedding theme

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, 1908

I've never really considered myself a "theme" girl. When I think "theme" I think prom...or my little sister's birthday parties...or college parties. Weddings and theme were never thought of as hand in hand.

Until I was having a convo with one of my old college girlfriends a couple years ago and she was gushing the details of her upcoming nuptials. She squealed to me that her "theme" was sophisticated elegance - I chortled (I actually use to do this for's in remission) - I didn't know she was serious. I had no idea that that was considered a theme. Army/Navy, Bros n' Hoes (not my favorite theme), Pajama Jammy Jam, the Jungle, Hollywood, Golf Pros n' Tennis Hoes (again...sorry), Red light/Green light, 80's, Disco...I mean THESE are themes. Yucky for a wedding...perfect for a frat party.

Now I understand the whole wedding theme idea. Sophisticated elegance was her way of'll be classy, grown-up, not frilly, and certainly not quirky. Her colors were champagne, gold, and ecru...they had a choreographed 1st dance and father/daughter dance...the flowers were white roses, they gave monogrammed sugar cookies, and her gown was designer. Everything was beautiful - looks like one of those weddings taken directly from The Knot. And you know what - it was SO HER! Anyway...

So now I understand the concept, but do I have to pick one? My sister keeps calling my wedding rustic. I guess I can buy that. I'm a little on the nature side of life...we getting married in the forest...I desire fuss free...sure...rustic is probably appropriate. What about a nature theme? Is rustic different from nature? I'm just getting annoyed. This is stupid.

I'm claiming themeless goddammit.

I'm just in love...planning a lil celebrate my union to the one who loves me best. Why am I getting caught up in this silly stuff?

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  1. Oh, sweet baby jesus. Eff the theame. Know what your theame should be? "Wedding." This stuff... I don't know where it comes from... it's so crazy.

    Anyway, East Side Bride has taken to pointing out that people who call their wedding things: "hip" "rock and roll" or (me speaking here) "unpretentious" are never any of those things. People who are actually say rock stars (one of my wedding grads, I found out after the fact) would never say "we're having a rock and roll wedding." Because, duh, they just are.

    So go with "wedding" or if someone really pushes you, "fun."



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