Friday, April 17, 2009

ceremony inspiration

Well, Sara over at 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding has done it again...fed me some of that good old inspiration that tugs at my heartstrings about planning a meaningful ceremony. She posted unique and interesting wedding scripts, including the words spoken at her own heartfelt ceremony...along with others (some from the blogs we all love). I thought this was the perfect resource for those of us who want to create a truly special ceremony of our own...but might not know where to start. So prepare to be inspired:

Andrea & Ariel
Kat & Justin
Jen & Shell
Peonie & The Boy
Sara & Matt

I've glanced around the web a bit in search of wedding prayers and ceremony ideas...had a hard time finding really good stuff. So this will be golden.

*no clue where I yoinked this photo...I loved her I just saved it to my computer long ago (but i think it was a TV show photo?)


  1. Wow that is such a beautiful picture! And I love the unique idea of having something other than the normal stuff they have in ceremonies.

  2. Its from an Australian tv show called "Home and Away". :o)



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