Friday, April 17, 2009

hippie headbands

(these are all Jennifer Behr)

I haven't really given my wedding hair style much thought (hello being over 12 months away) but this morning I did whilst reading DaisyChain and saw her posting about hippie headbands. I love it. It's pretty bohemian meets flapper glamor. I'm pretty gutless when it comes to fashion, but I think I would feel beautiful wearing one of these.

Handmade Etsy creations:

QuirkyBeauty - $40

QuirkyBeauty - $40
(this Etsy shop has a lovely variety of bridal bands to choose from...
and they are a smokin' deal!)

Feathers and Frills - $40 (the lace is sooo pretty)

Feathers and Frills

KirstenKuehnDesigns (the pics at the shop site give
close ups that show off the amazing beading)

YellowBirdFibers - $3 (sweet and simple - I actually really like this)

ShaeBay - $22 (cute and flapper like!)

ClybournAve - $19.99

ClybournAve - $19.99
(I think this would be a lovely touch for an outdoor free spirited wedding)


  1. I love the golden Quirky beauty one!!
    I really like the hip look where the headband runs across the forehead, but whenever I try to wear headbands like that, it feels really uncomfortable like it's just going to keep slipping back all night..

  2. Oh I'm IN LOVE with those! I really like the Quirky Beauty one that looks like it is seashells and the very last one with the leaves. Too cute! So your wedding is over 12 months away? Can I ask a question? Do you ever feel, well, kinda silly planning so far in advance? I don't mean this in a negative way at all. Just curious. You'll understand soon...=]

  3. Miss Adventure:

    The short answer to your question: yes. I do. Feel silly.

    The long answer: I'm going to start my 4th year of medical school in the fall - so I will be moving around the country, literally living out of a suitcase from September until next March - different city EVERY month. Literally. No joke. So I'd love to get a harness on this wedding thing while I'm in the area and with My Guy.

    AND. I think it's fun. I'm enjoying it.

  4. Oh, thank you so much for the plug on the headband! You're so sweet! You found so many cute bands!

    I've really enjoyed browsing through your blog! It's very exciting your getting married! Good luck with everything! And good luck in residency! That's a great accomplishment!

    I'm sure I'll be checking this blog again!



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