Friday, April 10, 2009

diy: polaroid guest book

Lillian and Leonard photography

So, I've seen the polaroid guest book idea out there - and I honestly love it. I've seen them with great props like fake mustaches and goofy glasses...great fabric backgrounds...funny quirky backgrounds, etc. I like it. No, no...I actually love the idea. It removes the anxiety that comes with guest book signing...makes it more fun, enjoyable, a pleasant experience for once (I'm not suggesting that other people experience anxiety about such things...but I know that I do...and I can't picture having my guests partake in an activity that makes me squeemish myself.)

Now if I can only find my mom's old polaroid....hummmmmmmm.

Oh, and my favorite concept is using the gilded frames...


  1. I love the fifth picture!!! So sweet... I also adore the polaroids! It is just so time consuming!!!

  2. You could look on Ebay for working Polaroids. That's where I found ours last year. We haven't decided if we're going to use it for our reception or not b/c of the cost of film. We may just use a digital and mini-printer.

  3. Hello! I handcraft custom Polaroid guest books on ETSY using your choice of over 100 designer fabrics, satin ribbon, and a free monogram. I just introduced Swarovski crystal Polaroid guest books! For the bride to be that wants something different!!!



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