Monday, April 6, 2009

diy: pom adoration

William + Alicia

Read Martha's DIY instructions here...and then you can finish squealing over these bodacious pom poms. I think I prefer these to the garland flags. Hummm...yes, yes I do.

PomLove - citrus crush $30
(instead of the diy route, you can purchase them here in any color scheme!)
-Martha and Michael's and other mass production companies sell these types of items too...but I prefer small business-

080808 Wedding

Lillian and Leonard


Little White Book

via here

Ooooooooooooooh! I wanna jump in! Looks like the kind of fun I'm talking about...better than leaves = they are multicolored (with no possibility of ticks)


  1. Super cute! They look like the traditional Mexican paper flowers on strings, yes? Those are super simple to make. What a great idea! And recyclable, too :c)

  2. ooo, these are so cute. looks like it'd be fun to play with too! :)

  3. check out ... you'll love her bridal blog! - katrina |



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