Tuesday, April 7, 2009

louis love

Louis Cannizzaro (I admire his work so)

This reminds me of the first summer My Guy and I spent together. It was in Flagstaff. We lived in a tiny studio dorm room (not enough space to do sit ups, no kitchen, questionable bathroom.) We were broke as hell...summer jobs weren't paying out the dough we would have liked. No money for fancy Friday nights. It was, however, full of morning hikes and free afternoon golf. Our evenings were spent attending the community movies on the square, happy hour at the Boardwalk, or playing tennis under the campus flood lights. God. That was a great summer.

I'm so glad we have a lifetime of summers to look forward to.

*I took this from my *life* blog SimplyFreckles... read it here.

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  1. this post makes me so happy. it's so wonderful and magical to read about your summer. j and i had the same summer when we were in college, living in a cabin in the woods (with a water wheel on it!), sharing employee meals at 11 at night, and watercoloring every day. good times. i miss those times!

    thanks for your mojo! xo



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