Saturday, April 18, 2009

diy: super 8

OK. So after these videos, I've decided that having an 8mm video of our wedding celebration would be radical. Seriously. So I was so excited (and surprised!) when A CUP OF JO! talked about Super 8 videos this week...I followed the film from her site to here (and they have a Phoenix office!) but the cost starts at $3000. What? $3000? Seriously? Is this normal for videography? I had no effing clue it was this steep.

Hense my excitement when I stumbled across this lil treat: LayerCakeFilms. This is an Etsy shop that rents the Super 8 equipment and provides film so you can document your own wedding sans huge massive fees. Ummm...this rules. Check out their LayerCakeFilms website and blog.


  1. oh my gosh. i COMPLETELY agree. my fiance and i have taken to the streets. we found one flea market where a guy was selling the cameras for $25. It's a gamble because there's no way to tell if it works. I think we're going to do more research and then maybe go for it!

  2. I think you might be my new BFF. I want Super 8 for our wedding but don't have bejillions to spend. This could work

  3. Hi, I am also planning a wedding and looking for more affordable alternatives for videography. One of my favorite places is Well Spun Weddings

    * make sure to check out sample # 2

    They also have a new, more affordable line at

    Hitched on Film

    I think we will either go with Hitched on Film, or just send super 8 film shot by family/friends (or a local art student) to Jon at Wellspun to edit. Good luck!



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