Wednesday, April 1, 2009

diy: wood block prints

This DIY project over at Style Me Pretty is fantastic (and tells ya how to do it!)

That nest is amazing.

I love the idea of using the wedding invite as an opportunity to send something special, something worthy of a frame, something original and unique. I want to send ART through the mail. To entice. To inspire. To bring an element of "us" as a welcoming statement to our friends and family.

I am NOT suggesting spending loads of money. Quite the contrary. I want to make them. Ha! What till My Guy hears that. I'm already up to my eye-balls in DIY ideas. But this one, this one holds an element of importance.

It is def on my list as a possibility.


  1. My friend ( this a few years ago for holiday cards and I still have mine. They are so special all on their own, such a great idea! If you do not do your own carving you could always have a stamp made, they are really not that pricey. I bought mine here and they are great:

  2. as an artist i love that special touch, but just a warning: woodblocks are very time consuming and difficult for a beginner. (not to mention, splinters and frustration) if you like the look of the woodblock print, try to find an artist you could commission or a stamp with the similar vibe and look you are going for. good luck!!



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