Wednesday, April 1, 2009

journal club

Lacunawork - antiqued wood and recycled paper (pretty much divine)

So - I'm having a moment thinking about guest books. Do you hate writing in them? I do. Maybe I just get all antsy standing in line. But I know we will probably want one at our wedding too (it's a vicious cycle).

I like many of the ideas I'm seeing in blogland. However, I have yet to see a really fun guest book in a real life wedding that I attend. The gigantic white satin wrapped book is there at the front of every church...with the feather pen...waiting for me.

What about using a journal. A wicked COOL journal. One that will fit on a bookcase comfortably. One that will be both beautiful to look at and run your fingers over. I dig.

DestinysCove - this one has a Celtic design (did I mention My Guy is VERY Irish??)

Gardenologykc - these have turquoise nuggest embedded in them...hippie cool

Sprouting Oxygen - recycled front cover decor

Pica Pica Press - what about an old leatherbound journal? this one has serious personality.

SumpinElse - this handmade wooden slat journal can be custom created (a bargan at $15!)

greentrikepress - check out these upcycled encyclopedias into journals...nifty.

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