Wednesday, April 22, 2009

eco-friendly blossoms

Got a glimpse of these pretty eco-friendly blossoms by Michele Brand over at iDiY. What a GREAT idea! And they look so dreamy in those long strands. I like inventive and creative. A great idea to share on Earth Day.

They are made out of the bottoms of plastic beverage containers.
She must have had one hell-of-an exacto knife as cutting through plastic is tricky!


  1. wow i'm so impressed, that must have taken so much work!

  2. those are just so incredible!! i might have to start drinking soda so i can cut the bottoms off the bottles. wow.

  3. the gigantic one in the third picture is amazing. so pretty.

  4. That's crazy! A really neat idea, but gosh what a lot of work!

  5. I saw this too and was so impressed! I can't believe it is from bottles!



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