Wednesday, April 22, 2009

nature rings

Midnight Vine wedding rings - bcyrjewelry

I've been spending so much time outside lately... I'm really just dazzled with the lovely world surrounding me. I was sort of obsessed with looking at what's out there for nature inspired rings. Thought I would share my findings. (even though I'm 99.9% sure we'll just have a couple skinny solid recycled bands for our own forth fingers....)

Branch ring with diamonds - Powder Mill Studio

Birch bark wedding rings - TwigsAndHeather

Bark wedding rings - Zahour

Leaf textured wedding rings - Silver Garden

Tree bark wedding rings at bcyrjewelry

Wheat Celtic wedding rings - Cybermoon Emporium

Mountain landscape ring - Quilted Pony

Starry Night ring - Quilted Pony

Fig leaf wedding ring - Bowman's Originals

Bamboo rings - plyeffects


  1. i'm with you, i like the look of some of these, but i worry they'd feel wonky to wear because of the unevenness. now you've totally got me on a ring browsing binge! :-)

  2. my heart is beating faster. I've been looking for vines and bark rings forever. Always dreamed of something twisty and natural but never knew where to find such things. Thanks!

  3. Twig Rings:

  4. yeah, this blog is awesome i am an NYC girl, but i am a mountain bride for sure. destination wedding in vermont! love these rings!

  5. Obviously Jewels gives a beautiful look. I love wearing Jewels and Especially Titanium jewelry. I would like to say about my Wedding Ring in titanium. It was awesome and stunning. Everyone over there was impressed with the design.

  6. Wow!!! Lovely...Lovely rings:):)



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