Tuesday, April 14, 2009

elizabeth dye

Ellipses Dress (this is my favorite - maybe ever)

I see the phrase "fashion crush" used throughout the web, and I always thought it was a silly expression of adoration. Until I stumbled upon Elizabeth Dye, an Oregon based designer. Hello crush.

Her designs are ridiculously exquisite. I browsed her blog, her site, and her etsy shop, for awhile, loving each dress I saw a tad more than the last. Her handmade creations include gowns, mid-lengths and minis, some with a vintage vibe, some with a modern twist - all glorious. She has an impeccably keen eye for originality, classic lines and divine style.

I love that her designs are diverse, some are intricate with lace work, some are vintage gown make-overs (amazing: here, here, here), while some of her brides are sleek, simple and sophisticated. What special handmade dresses.


  1. yep she is totally amazing. if i lived on the other coast i would talk to her about working on my someday wedding dress.

  2. these dresses are awesome!
    If I didn't already have my dress, I'd totally look into having her make one for me!



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