Monday, April 13, 2009

this one's for the girls

Michele M. Waite photo found at Fiance Meeting You Here
(btw: does anyone know the blogsite of this bride? I know she does 100 Layer Cake, but her other blog??? I loved it and can't find it)

Hot damn I hit the jackpot whilst bridal blog browsing tonight! I'm a huge fan of this idea: where the gals pick their look. I think bridesmaids look amazing when they choose their own dress as it ensures they pick a dress that fits them well, that they are comfortable in it, and that they will most likly wear again (thereby reducing the chance that the dress will end up at the Goodwill the day after the reception). So far, it's the plan for my shin dig. I think it looks sharp, smart, and put together.

(ummm...and if you can't tell...I chose nearly every "greenish" look I saw as that is probably what I will choose...or grays.....ummmm...or yellows....but probably greens.)

Dingmoonment via Lavender + Poppies

Lavender + Poppies had some great ideas of how to incorporate this mis-matched look gracefully using a series of easy to follow suggestions.

Fiance Meeting You Here

Bride-On-Purpose was talking about her bridesmaids dresses just last week. They are each wearing a different dress, in a different (yet complimentary!) color - check 'em out - looks fantastic.


  1. Kristina's wedding at top - i'm pretty sure her blog is

  2. LOVE pictures 2 and 6... those greys are so understated yet unquestionably chic!! Thanks for the note over to my girls' dresses! Always enjoying your reads:)

  3. Okay, I LOVE this idea!!! I hope this becomes the new trend for weddings. I've worn one too many ugly bridesmaid dresses...

    P.S. I really love those gray dresses that you featured from In Style Weddings.

  4. Hi! Yeah, it's Kristina's wedding. Just add an "a" in front of the lovely morning.

    And, just for the record, if I could somehow ethically rig my own "random" contest, I would totally pick you. Hooray for haikus!

  5. Her blog really is great... loved how the bm dresses turned out. We were originally going with all different greens, but J nixed it. So, the girls are all wearing the same green but different styles. LOVE the gray. It could easily be worn again.

  6. Hey! LOVE your blog!
    I live in CO and am getting married this summer- stumbled upon your blog while surfing for ideas.
    I know this is article is almost a year old, but was wondering if you happen to know the edition of inStyle in which you got that photo of the girls in the different shades/patterns of grey? 3 girls in the photo and the 2nd one posteu cad on this page. Love those dresses and would love to point my girls in that direction.
    Any additional info on those dresses you can provide would be appreciated! THANKS!!



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