Saturday, April 25, 2009

the end

My adventure filled month in the Seattle area has come to an end. I am heartbroken. I love this place. The air, the drizzle, the treeeeees. Don't get me wrong, I miss My Guy, my sistah's, my gym, and my buds back in Arizona, but I feel so connected to this place - it's so me. Anyway, I'll be wiping my tears away as I road trip it down the Oregon coast, through California back to Phoenix (where I hear it was 100 degrees yesterday... awesome.)

Goodbye Washington. I hope we meet again.

*note: won't be able to post for a couple days

Oregon coast Polaroid via Dyrofferies.


  1. i hate leaving places that you feel drawn too, it sucks.

    btw youve been given an award, check out my blog

  2. I love Seattle so much -- I think it's the fog. Safe trip south.

  3. Oh I know! Washington is so beautiful! My grandparents have a cabin on an island in the Puget Sound and I LOVE going there. I actually haven't been there in forever...but 2 years ago I went to visit a friend that lives near Tacoma. Washington has got to be one of my favorite states.

  4. I'm in love with Washington.

    And I'm pretty sure Utah hair is like Scottsdale hair. Let's just say fake blonde, teased to the extreme.

  5. Isn't the northwest just AWESOME?? My favorite part is the rain!

  6. Washington is wonderful, isn't it? Some of our best friends live there and we love visiting. In fact, we might venture up that way this summer...

    That said, I do love the Arizona sunshine. Not so much when it's 100 degrees...but it's gorgeous the rest of the year. ;)



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