Tuesday, April 28, 2009

real life: bellingham, wa

If you read my last blog entry, I was moving back to Arizona after a lovely month of living in Washington. Yes yes, it was an incredible drive (gosh the west coast is glorious) and I had a ton of fun with my mom (who was my road trip co-pilot). Didn't let the wedding slip once to her...do you know how freakin' hard that was!?? Anyhow, now I'm back in Phoenix. And as I sit here sweating I'm thinking of the cool fresh air of northern Washington. Which is where this pretty mountain wedding took place. *sigh* Enjoy it, it's a nice one.

This wedding is full of handmade details like pinwheels, paper flower bouquets, and homemade jam (ummmm...can you say yum?). The bride's sister writes Twig & Thistle and recently posted these pictures on her site.

This whole event is full of fab details. Their parents made the food for the 100+ guests, family friends' created handcrafted beer, another friend farmed their flowers, one took the photos, and the bride's sister designed the stationary. Talk about a labor of love. (and those views.....nature is breathtaking in northern Washington.


  1. ok i really really love that amphitheatre!!! can i get married there? even though i live on the opposite coast? haha. also love the length of her dress - that's the length i'd like mine. and your drive seemed to go by fast!

  2. CMG...dude...my mom and I booooooked it.

  3. So many pretty pictures! I wish LA had a big open space like that. But I'm pretty sure they've all been paved.

  4. Gotta love the suspenders and flip-flops!

    And the scenery is beautiful.

    The whole thing reminds me of "The Village" (have you seen that movie?).

    P.S. Does your mom not know you're getting married? What's the story behind that?



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