Sunday, April 12, 2009

folk toppers

Dove Pair - Middleburg (this one is my faaaaaaaavorite)

I may appear to be obsessed with cake toppers (this may be the case this week) but lately I'm just so entertained by them. It makes me chuckle because My Guy and I haven't even decided if we will be having a cake where toppers are even possible/necessary! Perhaps it's just easier to consume my free time with seemingly silly little details while my life is topsy turvy with this medical externship I'm in right now. Regardless, I found a new etsy shop that I love. Middleburg. It's modern folk art. And the designs are divine. AND they are created using 100% recycled newsprint. Rock my world Middleburg.

The Wedding Birds - Middleburg

Blue Birds - Middleburg

PS: I thought these were Easter festive, so Happy Easter! (this is me killing two birds with one stone....hummm...)

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