Friday, April 24, 2009

inspiration board how to

this inspiration board is great - from Green Wedding Shoes

OK OK. So maybe everyone out there in bridal blog land already knows how to make an inspiration board. I didn't. Until now.

Fashion inspiration board:
My friend CMG, at Color Me Green, suggested an online tool called Polyvore (if fashion is your name, than Polyvore is your game! Looks like an amusing site to play around on as high fashion reins supreme - there didn't seem to be a whole lot of wedding stuff, but maybe I just couldn't find it).

Make a mosaic board:
And my new friend Jen, of EarthFriendlyWeddings, suggested I check out this WeddingBee site. It gives step by step directions on how to create a "mosaic" type board (which will be just fine for my needs.)

Use Photoshop:
She also pointed me in the direction of this WeddingBee site's step-by-step of how to use Photoshop to create an inspiration board. It's probably the most widely used system for these creations. (Yet, alas. I don't have Photoshop. Might be the last person in America without it. I'm actually slightly ashamed of this...but moving on...)

Mystery solved. Thanks ladies!


  1. don't be ashamed - photoshop is expensive, i got it for free from a friend who knew how to hack it like that.

  2. Just thought to say hello and compliment you on your beautiful blog.

  3. Yeah really, don't be ashamed! Photoshop is SO expensive. I have Elements- the cheap version that allows you to have SOME photoshop stuff but not nearly as much as you want. Its like tasting the crumbs of your favorite dessert. =] (can you tell I'm a huge photoshop fan?) Anyway, WHERE ON EARTH is that beautiful tree? I could totally see myself getting married under something like that!

  4. I dont have photoshop either. I usually use Big Huge Labs ( to make mosaic boards but I will be checking out the site you posted for sure.

  5. with Polyvore, I think you can actually import any pictures that you want. You aren't limited to the images already on Polyvore. I signed up for an account awhile ago and never really used it, but if I remember correctly, you just use a little bookmarklet to import images that you find while web surfing. Also, I've heard excellent things about GIMP ( as a free alternative to photoshop.

  6. I love that inspiration board you posted above. I feel like Polyvore is the easiest one to use.

  7. oh thank you thank you! i was wondering too!

  8. Studio-Scrap would also be a good choice, no ? it's free !



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