Thursday, April 23, 2009

jealous of malibu barbie?

Today I did a little adventuring...I clicked my way into uncharted territory, to places I've never ventured. I didn't know what I'd find out there. I saw a lot. A lot of a lot. And some of it sorta made me sick.

Came across this wedding. I'll briefly mention that there were two champagne bars serving vintage Com Perignon, 15,000 red Ecuadorian roses, black crystal chandeliers, three kinds of custom linen and crystal buckles on the menus and chair backs....and so many crazy details it made my head sorta spin. But it was this exert:

"Celebrity DJ, Clinton Sparks, spun tunes, but most amazing part was the band, Camp Freddy. Camp Freddy is comprised of four regular members Dave Navarro (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction), Matt Sorum (Guns ‘n Roses, Velvet Revolver), Chris Chaney (Alanis Morrisette, Jane’s Addiction) and Donovan Leach (music legend Donovan’s son). They then brought on the guest stars which included Steve Jones (P.I.L), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Cory Taylor (Slipknot - without the mask), Royston Langdon (Spacehog), Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Duff McKagan (Guns ‘n Roses, Velvet Revolver) and as the big surprise Paul Stanley from Kiss

Really? Is that totally necessary? I guess it's feasible if they are involved in the music industry, in which case this wouldn't seem so ridiculous (and yes, they are some sort of celebrity couple I think). More importantly, why was I trying to make excuses for this? Could I be experiencing jealously? Did I secretly wish that Dave Navarro would rock out at my wedding? Am I hating on this extravagant wedding because that bride has alllll the money in the world to spend on whatever it is that makes her happy (and she spends it on crystal napkin holders)? Do I secretly want a Malibu Barbie wedding too??

Ummm. No. I'm quite alright without all that thankyouverymuch. Seriously. Extravagance isn't really my thing. I enjoy elegance, and I revel in beautiful design (be it simple or ornate), but I guess I unintentionally think opulence tends to be unnecessary (and even silly?). It just kindof made me sick for a split second that people can be so frivolous (wow...that's me being a judgester...she doesn't rear her ugly head that often...). Yet, after that split second of disgust, I giggled...because...really?

I was recently perched on the sofa next to my sister watching "Say Yes To The Dress" (I know I probably shouldn't admit to that) and every now and then a bride would wear something soooo damn ridiculous (in my mind) I would make fun of her. I'm not proud of that. It just happened. My sister was quick to point out the error of my ways (grrrrrrr....I'm wrong to do that, I know I know). As much as I adore practicality and thoughtful handmade touches, there are others who adore, with that same vigor, crystal napkin holders and gowns the size of small school busses. Whatever.

Thankfully I found Meg over at A Practical Wedding early early early on in my bridal blogging adventure. Every time I read one of her entries I find myself nodding in agreement. Love that.

AND just for the record, I will continue my adventures into bridal blogland. My heart jumps for joy when I find inspiring lil stories out there. And, I suppose, every now and then it'll be good for a chuckle too (just not around my sister.)

So am I jealous of Malibu Barbie? No. Except for that pink Corvette she suposedly drives.


  1. Hilarious! I just clicked over and ... wow! Not my taste, but different strokes for different folks, I suppose. Have you ever watched Platinum Weddings (a guilty pleasure like Say Yes to the Dress)? That will open your eyes!

    This post brought to mind a question I saw on WeddingBee the other day (like you, a venture into unfamiliar territory, but I kept hearing about it...). It looks like there's some good advice/ ideas over there. But anyway, the question was: "Why can't you feature more weddings of brides with unlimited budgets? You're always writing about how to economize, but why don't you write about how to have an extravagant wedding?"

    The obvious answer is: there's plenty of such info out there - see theKnot, Martha, et al. and lots less about how to have a manageable/ "practical"/ eco/ indie/ non-WIC whatever wedding.

    But the question kinda created revulsion in me. NO LIMITS on your budget??? Doesn't everyone have a limit somewhere (even if it's $1M)? And don't you have other things you'd like to do with your money, even if there is a lot of it - house, business, philanthropy, whatever? It's very strange to me how money can get splashed around on crystal chair ties just to show that you can.

  2. That is pretty intense. Those types of weddings make me want to run away into the woods, seriously, they make me anxious. I don't know if it is the expense or the formality that makes me so uncomfortable...In this economy it seems almost selfish to have such an elaborate affair...Is that too harsh?

  3. med - I guess that's why I felt so stinkin' compelled to write about it! I guess we can sortof think of them as stimulating the wedding economy :-) then it's easier to swallow those events...right?

  4. I saw that wedding on a board... can't remember where... and thought. she must be a celeb! lol. I'd like to think even if i won the lotto today, i'd still be a budget conscious bride... :)

  5. Yikes that is almost overwhelming. You kind of lose sight of the couple and just see crazy wedding.



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