Tuesday, April 21, 2009

love words

A few months before I met My Guy, I purchased a glorious hand beaded journal with beautifully textured recycled paper. At first, I used this to slowly collect quotes, poems and lyrics that caught my fancy. Then, I met My Guy. It wasn't until well after we started dating that I found myself adding entries into it almost daily with pretty words and phrases he would send my way. We would instant messages back and forth over AOL IM (remember that!?) and leave cutesy away messages for each other. I started recording all of these magical tidbits not wanting to ever forget the butterflies or smiles or tears that they would conjure up. I recorded (in my best handwriting) poems about us, and about me, he had written (he was a creative writing major - and damn - he's good), slews of our text messages, emails, lovely words spoken, and lyrics to our soundtrack.

After nearly five years, my book is full. And such a treasure it is.


  1. what a great idea! you are so lucky to have that. all i've saved are old emails from when we first started dating.

  2. omg - i've saved all of our emails too. it really tells the story of not only our relationship growing, but our lives. i think i'm going to have them bound into a book as a wedding gift to him.

  3. I have a book like that too! Except its made with the shells of some type of plant I think, its really amazing looking though and I love it. I also collect quotes and saying in mine.



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