Wednesday, April 8, 2009

real life: beaver creek wedding

Sam & Anna's exquisite Colorado wedding took place at Beano's Lodge in Beaver Creek, and was deliciously photographed by Jamee Photography. I was attracted to this wedding initially because of the brides romantic look - her delicate hair style, glorious richly colored flowers, and her dress - there is something so classic, so lovely, about that dress. As you will notice, there are some unexpected details designed into this event. Enjoy!

There is something so soft and romantic about this bride. Perhaps the Art History major in me is analysing this entirely too much, but she remindes me of classic Italian Renaissance portaiture.

I have never seen anything quite so exquisit, while at the same time avoiding all pretentiousness. Very smart table decor.

See much much more here.

*note: I was exuberent about finding this wedding on line, I stumbled upon it while looking at the photographers blog about a week ago. I was so excited to post it! Then, today while surfing during my lunch break I noticed that it has already hit the bridal blogosphere - here - and probably a zillion other places as it is such a note-worthy celebration.

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  1. swoon... again! Yes, I swooned the first time I saw these pics a la blogosphere, and I swoon again! Fairy lights and rectangular tables, oh my!! LOVE IT!! Go mountain-girls:)



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