Thursday, April 23, 2009

real life: wilderness adventure

This lovely wedding took place at Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing in Virginia. It looks like this event was fun, easy going, and beautiful! I really love some of the details they included, like the Pabst Blue Ribbon (awesome!), the variety of green ties displayed over the bench, the drinking jars, fabric paneled photo backdrops, and the simple centerpieces sitting on pretty fabric squares. The photographer of this even was Jen Fariello.

I found these pictures at the fabulous Snippet & Ink.

I like the use of a fun fabric panel like that on a simple table setting. Alot.


  1. This outdoor wedding is stunning! I wish I knew of a place this beautiful for a reception. It's like magic.

  2. Yeah I'm liking the fabric in the middle of the table too. And also, loving the couple groping each others booties. haha! SO something my photos would (will?) have!

  3. i loooooove fabric! any wedding that uses fabrics is an instant favorite of mine. of course now I've decided to include a million fabric projects into my own wedding -- it sounded like a good idea when i was thinking about it ; )



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