Wednesday, May 6, 2009

diy: thread candle holders

Found these pretty pretty LED candle holders instruction over at c(oi)n:purse. That texture is just sooo very cool. She made these using thread - thread!

What you need:
LED lights (real candles will probably start fires)
cardboard (like a pasta box)
wrapping plastic (the stuff that comes wrapped around cases of drinks)
fabric stiffener spray

LED lights


plastic wrap!

Make a cylinder out of the cardboard (make sure your LED fits inside it!!) and tape the sides of the cylinder together.

Then tape the plastic wrap around the cardboard.

Wrap tons of the thread around the cylinder. She recommends not doing it super tight.

The spray the fabric stiffener over the thread (follow the drying instructions for the product you use)

The fabric stiffener she used indicated microwave instructions for speedier drying (be sure to read your instructions!)

Slide the plastic wrap off of the cardboard tube. Then wrinkle the plastic away from the thread.

Read her instruction set here.


  1. um thank you for this! we have those exact led lights for xmas and have no idea what to do with them.

    Also thank you for posting on my blog, your blog makes me so happy too and I do think we are kindred spirits. Your comments brought some much needed sunshine to rainy ole richmond va!!!

  2. Those are beautiful! Def a must try!

  3. These as beautiful and so many different uses, thanks for sharing them! Think I'll try a few around a clear votive for outside use too!

  4. that is SO cool! happy to see stuff get reused!



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