Thursday, May 14, 2009

finding fat fake flowers

I'm having one heck of a time trying to find a huge flower for the side of my head. that I've been enlightened to the gorgeous creations of (which is actually having a sale right now) I've also realized that I cannot cannot cannot afford any of that fabulous-ness I was toying with the idea of trying to make my own.

I'm crafty. Sometimes I have the chops to make things. So this past weekend I went on a fake flower hunt to a couple different craft stores. I want a big fatty. Came up dry. Nothing. Nothing even close to what I like or what I would want. I thought for sure I'd find a FEW...but nada one. The hardest thing to find it a large flower that lies rather flatly...a lot of flowers have too much poof for what I'd like. Am I making sense? Some ideas are too tricky for words...but if you saw my hand gestures, you'd get the picture.

I've got my eyes on some big beautiful blooms elsewhere... I just don't know yet. We'll see. And, yes yes, I realize I just purchased a birdcage veil this week...but they are all for those bridal pictures!!! It's really for research :-)


  1. Hit up Cost Plus World Market. You can find them on sale there sometimes but usually they'll be about $5/stem. They are huge and fabulous, I've bought quite a few over-sized blooms from them over the years. The trick to making a puffy flower lay flat is to take it apart, removing the plastic and reassemble it, gluing it onto whatever will hold it on (pins, clips, headbands, etc) You can do it! I can't wait to see!

  2. I'd agree with the idea of disassembling a large bloom, or even several, and re-assembling the petals onto a stable base...felt works well, btw. The other option (and what a lot of the pics you posted were actually showing) are handmade flowers created by cutting and heating chiffon, which curls the petal edges up. It sounds harder than it is, and is really pretty - if you're feeling crafty! Another, less-pyro option would be to make an oversized crepe paper flower out of tissue. I've done that too, and they're lovely. Directions for the smaller size are on; just jumbo-size everything she lists! Good luck!

  3. hi there..i found your blog via abbie (isn't she the sweetest?) and when i saw this post, i had to share..i too looked for big fat flowers..tried even to make it myself, because i'm pretty darn crafty myself..but i was terrible at it! so..i got chelsea to make one special for me and each of my girls..i think she's super affordable and her pieces are breathtaking! here's the info:

    my pieces:

    chelsea's blog:

    good luck dear!

    p.s. cute blog!



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