Thursday, May 14, 2009

in a field of daffodils

I want to read poems to My Guy in this beautiful place.
Or, to listen to him read them to me.


  1. I love showing my students this beaitiful film.

  2. One of my all time favorites,my husband and I just watched it again a few nights ago! I adore her feminine dress and loose waves..everything about this film is so dreamy and romantic!

  3. That setting is gorgeous! I seriously just posted about fields like this...again...haha. Love it!

  4. There's a place like this here in Northern California, called Daffodil Hill. Every March/April fields of these lovely yellow blooms shine bright. Incredible.


  5. this is my dream. my favorite flowers, also one of my favorite movies.

    My biggest secret is that I've always wanted to dance through field of daffodils which here in VA seems to be limited to interstate highway mediums. JM and I always joke that one day we'll pull over just so I can play around.



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