Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i love a guy in suspenders

I think suspenders are absolutely cool. Dudes that can rock them are awesome. Just today My Guy was browsing my blog waiting for the Celtics game to start and he mentioned that he thought the suspenders on the guys in this wedding looked cool for a mountain wedding.

Perhaps I haven't mentioned it before, but My Guy and I are super chill...our style is simple and relaxed. Though, we look damn good dressed up. *wink*

Found pictures of all these rad dudes wearing suspenders...I like 'em.
(pics found here)


  1. yes i f*n love suspenders! my guy already has a flag-striped pair that we stole during a particularly harrowing trip to home depot (story for another time). and i found a thrift store in my hood with lots of em so i know where to get him a nicer pair of suspenders for the special day.

  2. Those suspenders are very fun. And perfect for a mountain wedding...you're right about that.

  3. suspenders are adorable. more boys should wear them.



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