Tuesday, May 12, 2009

rad little cake topper dolls

I pretty much fell in love with these little people cake toppers, by GooseGrease, the first time I saw them. Aren't they sooooo cute!! I've seen them all over blogland, and was even more excited when I found the GooseGrease shop on Etsy. They make the coolest little customized couples (hello ninja couple!) and can create them to wear clothing similar to what you wear at your wedding!! I think this whole idea is very, very clever.

Actually, my favorite concept is that they can customize entire families out of these dolls which I think is the GREATEST way to celebrate the merging of two families...include the kids on top of the cake! PLUS, you can include your pet, who doesn't appreicate that?

These are adorable. In EVERY possible way. Go check 'em out here...their charm will surely make you smile :-)

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