Friday, June 26, 2009

the colors of a wedding

Such lovely photos...such lovely colors....delightful actually.
Pictures by Lisa Warninger Photography.

I love color. Bright vibrant hues, rich dark palates, or soft and wispy combos. Gosh, I really just love 'em all. So, you can imagine how hard it is for me to nail down a color palate of my own. I go and drool over every single color combination at The Perfect Palate. Can't help it.

This is another one of my lil bridal decisions. Color.

The one color I ALWAYS come back to is yellow. I really, honestly, truly identify with yellow...and feel that if my soul was a color, yellow could quite possibly be it. And not just the bright sunshine yellow, but all shades and variations. For reals.

So. Yellow it is. (yay!)

But what else? It's a mountain wedding after all, so green would be a logical choice for another color. Hello green trees, green leaves, green stems. Plus it's My Guy's fave color. OK. Green it is! (yay - two down!)

Now accent colors. Would you listen to me? Accent colors? I know. I sound so particular and half bridal-nutty. But, I care. Who knows why. But I do.

I love the colors in the picture above...and revisit this incredible bouquet that I lust after. It's weird because I'm not a "pastel" girl and I don't own a single article of pink or purple clothing. In fact, it's quite odd that I'm so drawn to these colors. But I am. I sort of love them for a wedding...for my wedding.

Part of me says F it. Just pick all the colors I like and use 'em for different things. A yellow, pink, white and green bouquet...bright yellow centerpieces, and a variety of colors for the lanterns or pom poms decor. Our save-the-date is already an assortment of colors and who knows what our invites will look like. Can I take this unconventional approach to color like I do with the whole "wedding theme" thing? Recall, I don't have a "theme" so much as I have a wedding location: mountain / forest (and actually there has been a small development in this area that I'll divulge another time). These colors remind me more of a garden than a mountaintop. I think mountain and I think bright wildflowers...but I think "my wedding" and I think peonies and ranunculus. Go figure.

Well. I just solved a couple questions during the composition of this post:

Whatever else I like.


  1. We've decided that the colors for our ceremony next year are going to be yellow, green, and blue. He likes dark deep rich colors and I light lighter brighter colors. So we'll have darker blue, light yellow, and a nice medium green. =]

  2. Do whatever makes your soul sing.

  3. Your setting is the backdrop, you need a complementary and constrasting set of colors, dont follow "their" rules. Youre an artist, do what feels right!

  4. Unconventional is FUN. Follow your heart. I just know your wedding is going to be spectacular. I can't wait to see the photos...

  5. I love all the colors, why not be unconventional? Its unique, original and totally you!



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