Saturday, June 27, 2009

the worst wedding traditions

picture via Tacky Weddings (which is hysterical btw)

I nodded in agreement with this the full explanation here if you're so inclined. Reprinted on Perfect Bound:

Big Bridal Parties
Matching Bridesmaids
Long Vows
Throwing Rice
Assigned Seating
Expensive Wedding Favors
Throwing the Bouquet **
Removing the Garter **
Drunken Toasts
Leaving For the Honeymoon the Morning After
A Bridal Party Head table (I added this because I think they are awkward...the are awkward if you are IN the bridal party yet your date has to sit at another table without you...and they are awkward because the bridal party faces the guests and eats their food in front of everyone...and they are awkward because they can't easily communicate with anyone except the two people sitting next to them)
Smashing cake in each other's face (I'm sure many people disagree with me on this one...but I really hate this. It just doesn't come across as "playful" to's weird.)

*note: My Guy happens to love these traditions. He thinks they are hilarious and totally necessary for our own celebration. (Makes me wonder a lil about him actually.) And no matter how much convincing he thinks I need, I will not be groped in front of my parents while he searches under my dress for a garter. Not gonna happen. It's just not my scene. AND I refuse to highlight the "singleness" of some of my girlfriends and family members...I always hate being singled out to go and try to catch the bouquets of my newly married friends. It's awkward. Eh...just a personal preference.

What are your least favorite wedding traditions?


  1. I agree with most of them... but we are doing assigned seating. Our space has limitations for the number of tables that can fit, so we have to maximize on the space by assigning everyone to tables so there aren't empty chairs here and there. Normally, I'd say sit where you want.

  2. chicken dance....all the way. hate it.

  3. Totally agree! I am especially anti-garter for the exact reasons that you are. My wedding is going to be small so I am considering one big long table for everyone.

  4. ummm...we will probably do the whole assigned seating'll be a huge pain in my a** too.

  5. I totally agree - especially about matching bridesmaid dresses, long ceremonies, removing the garter, assigned seating, and the "head table."

    I would add "party favors" to this list (I always feel bad that the couple had to pay for all those little trinkets, especially since the guests will likely throw them away before the week is through...if not before). I've been a guest at countless weddings and I can assure you that party favors are not required. Sharing in the couple's joy is the best gift of all.

  6. I agree to a point. To some degree I think traditions are adorable and cultural and fun to make them your own.

    For example, I had a fairly large wedding party. I needed those girls with me to calm me down, help me get ready because I didn't pay for anybody to do my hair/makeup, and just be WITH me moments before. However, I had a medium sized wedding, so maybe the smaller your wedding, the less help you will need.

    Party favors I agree with because it WAS a huge expense that could have been left out.

    Assigned seating is tough...I can imagine certain scenarios where people (I am sure most reasonable people wouldn't, but there are always the people that will) would get into tense situations about seating if they ahve a certain amount with them. You just need to be careful about it becuase if you only have a certain amount of tables, people will need to move a few times likely to make it all work. Some families come with 4, some with 6. So it's just something to consider.

    I thought I felt the same about hte cake. However, there Billy went shoving it in my mouth. Oh well- it's actually my favorite pics of the night. Really told a story!

  7. Totally agree - the assigned seating though, as long as it's done purposefully, I think is a must. We went to one wedding and it was so super awkward and lame because we had friends there that I really would have liked to spend time with but other people had already sat with and anywhere near them so we ended up with these people that we didn't know and didn't care to know, a once-every-many-years opportunity lost and a really awkward and pointless hours to boot.

    But I hate the bouquet/garter thing, HATE the cake thing, and I also hate the whole son/mother, daddy/daughter, x, y, z dances too - how long sitting there staring at this? I love the best-man etc. toasts, and think in lieu of the other inconsequential traditions, more people should take a moment to speak to the occasion - like maybe the bride and groom? Just a thought.

    I have lots of thoughts for a wedding that just MAKES MORE SENSE and HAS MORE MEANING. If you ever want to chat just to chat about them, you know where to find me! :)

  8. I'm not a fan of the son/mother, daughter/father dances either. I also don't like the tradition of the father giving away the daughter. I don't think that all of the elaborate celebrations leading up to a wedding are all the necessary either. Engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, bachelor party and rehearsal dinner. I'm all for finding reasons to celebrate, but be things should not be thought of as requirements for a wedding.

  9. I am so with you on most of these. I HATE the garter thing and awkward bouquet toss the most. I don't mind favors as long as it is something meaningful to the bride and groom. A friend of mine loves to garden and she made tiny jars of homemade jam with strawberries from their garden. Tied simply with a ribbon and a sweet little handwritten card. We thought of them all summer while enjoying it!

  10. I know that my wedding will not include the following:
    bridal party
    a veil
    walking down an aisle
    being given away
    garter/bouquet toss
    official receiving line
    father/daughter or mother/son dances
    cake cutting cermony -- we'll have cupcakes
    a planned exit/send off

    if you look up the origin for most of these traditions - they are really disturbing.

    we will have:
    a short but sweet/personal ceremony
    good food and drinks and dancing
    candid photos and lots of smiles



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